¡El evento ha terminado y ha sido increíble! ¡Esté atento a las próximas ciudades! We are the biggest band on earth
On October 1st, Rockin'1000 gathers at the iconic Allianz Parque a thousand musicians forming the biggest rock band in the world! Tickets will be released on Wednesday, August 10 at 12:00pm
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Rockin'1000 São Paulo

Want to watch a live performance of the World's Greatest Rock Band? Then get ready because Rockin'1000 is coming, and it is coming with everything! A project that brings together a thousand musicians, including amateurs and professionals, who, with a single band, will give a real rock concert, performing a two-hour setlist made up of the great national and international classics.

Massive, unique, unforgettable live shows

São Paulo, get ready to Rock!

We gather 1000 musicians to play in perfect synchrony a special setlist, with great classics of national and international rock, in a typical stadium show!
It all started with an invitation to Foo Fighters to play in Cesena in 2015! What started as a dream, became a great project that has already been in several European cities and, now, lands in Sao Paulo for a unique performance!
Rockin1000 - Rockin'1000 São Paulo 2022: Rock Concert at Allianz Parque

Dicen de nosotros


  •  - Rockin'1000 São Paulo 2022: Rock Concert at Allianz Parque
    A huge idea. An awesome group. The Leviathan of rock ‘n’ roll. (LE MONDE, Laurent Carpentier)
  •  - Rockin'1000 São Paulo 2022: Rock Concert at Allianz Parque
    A force to be reckoned with; Rockin’1000 is continually developing its vision with creativity and passion,connecting audiences with an idea that is both symbolic and timeless.
  •  - Rockin'1000 São Paulo 2022: Rock Concert at Allianz Parque
    There may be no more moving things in this world. Heartfelt loss and the uplifting power of music.
  •  - Rockin'1000 São Paulo 2022: Rock Concert at Allianz Parque
    “The whole world saw what you did,” Mr. Grohl said at the concert, which was not originally scheduled on the band’s current European tour. “Millions and millions of people saw what you did. It’s a beautiful thing.”


Foo Fighters | Learn to Fly
Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit
AC-DC | Highway to Hell
Queen | Under Pressure
Rage Against the Machine | Killing in the Name
The White Stripes | Seven Nation Army
Guns N Roses | Paradise City
The Beatles | Come Together
Linkin Park | Numb
Pink Floyd | Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)
Red Hot Chily Peppers | Suck My Kiss
Steppenwolf | Born To Be Wild
Ramones | Blitzkrieg Bop
Oasis | Don't Look Back in Anger
Led Zeppelin | J. Hendrix - Medley
and more

Rockin 1000 Exhibit Reviews

What people think about our Rockin 1000 festival

  • Ian Hamilton

    Four years on and this is still one of the best moments in Rock and Roll

  • Denny Seccon

    This is among the top 5 most beautiful things we humans ever did. God cried watching it. And so do I every single time

  • Donato de la Paz

    If rockers have a heaven...it's probably something like this

  • Thiago Telles

    Pure inspiration

  • Vankata Kisyov

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have seen! Pure joy!

Practical info

  1. Date: October 1, 2022
  2. Time: doors open at 16h,
    show starts at 20h
  3. Duration of the show: 2h
  4. Location: Allianz Parque
  5. Age requirement: all ages
  6. Parking available

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Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1705 - Água Branca, São Paulo - SP, Brazil. 05001-200
The modern and iconic Allianz Parque, famous for several great international concerts, has a capacity of over 42,000 people. Reopened in 2014, the stadium is the perfect place to host Rockin'1000 Get directions


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